–Do you deliver to my neighborhood?–

My delivery zone includes NW DC, Brookland and Capitol Hill; Chevy Chase, MD; Bethesda, MD (Inside the Beltway), Silver Spring, MD (20901, 20910), Takoma Park (20912) and now Kensington. For meal gifts, catering and special orders, deliveries can be made outside this zone. Please email info@kitchkat.com for delivery questions.

When are the weekly meals delivered? Is there more than one delivery day?

The weekly meals are delivered on TUESDAY evenings between 5:30 and 7:30pm. TUESDAY is the only day of the week for the weekly deliveries. If you’re interested in private cooking or catering, food can be made Wednesday-Sunday.

–Wait, Tuesdays?! I thought you delivered on Mondays?–

Starting July 2016, deliveries will be on Tuesday evenings. The delivery time slot will be shorter so that you can still count on your meals by 7:30.

When do I need to order by in order to get weekly meals for Tuesday evening’s delivery?

You will need to order by Sunday, 5PM for the following Tuesday evening’s delivery.

Is there a minimum order for weekly deliveries on Tuesdays?

Yes, there is a $25 food minimum for weekly deliveries on Tuesdays.

–How big are the containers that your meals goes into?–

The meals go into 16oz and 24 oz microwavable, freezable and recyclable containers. And now BPA free entree containers!

–How big are the portions?–

My meals run on the large side so although I recommend one meal per person, you most likely will have leftovers. (Never a bad thing!)

Are the meals frozen?

Nope! They are fresh and will last you ONE WEEK.  If you can’t get to one of your meals, feel free to freeze the meal yourself- the containers are freezer-friendly.

–Is there a subscription plan or contract that I must sign up for in order to receive your meals or can I just order weekly or whenever I’d like?–

There is no subscription plan or contract for KitchKat meals. Simply, order as you’d like–whenever you need a week’s worth of meals– and there’s no plans or contracts to lock into.

–If I want to hire you for a catering event how much notice do I need to give you?–

Please give me at least one week’s notice and if I have availability, I will accommodate you! Email info@kitchkat.com and we can work out the details.

–When I receive my weekly meals on Tuesday evenings, should I tip the delivery person?–

Tipping is not required as I charge a $3 delivery fee but it is always appreciated if you do decide to tip!

–Okay, I have my food, now how do I heat/reheat it?–

Your food can be reheated in the microwave right in its container. Start with 60 seconds and then try 30 second increments until you are satisfied with the temperature. Cutting food in half or into smaller pieces is one way to heat the food quicker than if whole.