about kitchkat

kitchkat was cooked up on a cold winter’s night in December 2009 when a few of my friends were airing their frustrations about having little time or energy to get a good meal on their plate after a long day. Take out or going out to eat was expensive and often unhealthy but for a busy person on the go, it was the easiest option.  As someone who loves to cook, I thought about how I could help. And then the idea came to me: I could cook better than takeout, healthy and well-balanced meals for my friends!

from there, the recipe for kitchkat was mixed together. My ingredients: hungry busy people, a weekly menu, fresh ingredients recyclable containers and a kitchen. I do all the cooking and delivering and for an entire week, my kitchkat clients can enjoy prepared food at the convenience of their refrigerator.

about kat basile runyan

basile-29my love for cooking started when I was in fifth grade. I would come home from school and watch cooking shows. I watched them every single day for a year until I finally began to try out my own culinary skills. By the seventh grade, I was making my own dinners. You could say pasta was my thing.  By the time I went to college, I learned that I liked new foods like avocado, feta cheese and lobster. Going to college in Boston and then in South Carolina introduced me to a variety of different cuisines.  By the end of my college career, I would make a huge batch of food every Sunday that would last me for the week. Many years later,  I am doing the same thing for other people!

I am an avid self-taught cook. I graduated with a degree in Sociology in 2006—a degree that has little to do with making a mean barbecue turkey meatloaf. Cooking has always been something that has made me enthusiastically happy. I am grateful that I could turn my passion into my career.

-kat basile runyan

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