I Gained 5 lbs Over Thanksgiving.. How and What I’m Going To Do About It

December 12, 2015 09:54 AM
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Well.. technically 4.6 lbs.  I told myself I wasn’t going to check the scale… because how you feel about yourself shouldn’t be measured by a number on a scale (most of the time I actually believe this). Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of strength training to build muscle which is the only reason why I’ve been weighing myself periodically. So weighing more (up to Thanksgiving break) has been a good thing since it’s meant that I’ve added muscle to my body.  Post Thanksgiving…. hmm not so much of a good thing because I can guarantee you that’s not extra muscle I’ve put on! I’m known to be quite disciplined with my exercise and eating so it’s a bit surprising to some how I did this (and no, I’m not pregnant!). I just really wanted to enjoy myself, recklessly. And now I’m paying for it.


-Cheese… damn you, cheese.

The second helping of carrot cake after Thanksgiving dinner

-Cider Donuts.. Because you’re supposed to eat them when they are hot… and one is not enough.

-The late night pizza and fried ravioli in which each and every bite I consumed was dipped in ranch dressing

-Leftover pizza for lunch (not even mine… and I didn’t bother to heat it up properly)

-An excess of hummus and stuffed grape leaves. Because when in Detroit, why not?

-Sheetz made-to-order Burrito en route home from Michigan. And the side of onion rings. Oh the shame. (Yes, Sheetz is a gas station…ugh)

-No exercise all week except for a lazy turkey trot

What I’m going to do about it:

-No Cheese.. or any dairy for that matter.

-Back to my Vegetarian During the Week, Meat on the Weekend routine (been doing this for almost two months and I feel fabulous!)

-Monday, Wednesdays, Friday morning workouts (as per usual) with some additional exercises in between. Squats in the shower and ab-squeezing on the couch.

-Excessive drinking…. of water and NO booze for at least a week or two, if I can make it.  I’m flushing those toxins out of my body.

-Heavy veggie load, without the grains. Usually I add whole grains to my dinner dish but I’m going to cut them out for this week to achieve the quick effects of eating low-carb.  It’s just the reboot I need.

-Healthy on the weekend, too. I reward myself on the weekends with unrestricted eating since I’m healthy all week. Not this weekend. My body needs healing and breakfast sandwiches and wings isn’t the cure.

apple donut

Here goes!