My Favorite Restaurants (as of October 2015)

October 10, 2015 11:53 AM
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Ruan Thai– I’m not usually a yelper but right after I ate at this restaurant I went straight to my computer to write a rave review. In short, this is authentic Thai food that will make you forget you’re a random commercial strip in Wheaton let alone in the US. Do not miss: Yum Watercress, Panang Curry with Pork, Tom Kha Soup, Crispy Duck (Ped Pad Kha Prao). You’re welcome.

Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics and Prose– When I’m not cooking in the kitchen you will undoubtedly find me on the computer responding to emails, creating new menus and doing food research. I seem to be most productive when I’m not in my home office so I like to go to coffee shops, specifically ones with food. And the food in the basement of DC’s beloved Politics and Prose is fantastic. Do not miss: Lentil and Cauliflower Salad, Quinoa with Black Beans and Corn and any of their soups. Also, if you can, try the Lemon Curd and a London Fog drink.

Comet Ping Pong– This is one restaurant that should be on my Favorite Restaurant for All of Time list. One of the saddest parts of moving out of Chevy Chase, DC was no longer being walking distance to this Pizzaria. I’ve had every item on the menu and none of it disappoints. Best pizza in DC, in my opinion. Why? Because of the crispy yet somehow still gooey crust. Do not miss: the Wings, the Smokey, the Stanley, the Hottie, the greek salad and the Yaley. And do yourself a favor and request the wing dipping sauce to enjoy with your pizza crust.

Mini Bar by Jose Andres– I was fortunate enough to indulge in a Mini Bar outing for a family christmas gift from my Dad this past winter. I’ve been to Komi (I know, I’m lucky), and thought that I wouldn’t need to experience another high end 12+ course dining adventure that costs half my monthly mortgage. So I was reluctant to try something like it again. I was not disappointed. It was a fabulous meal, better than Komi, and I say that because we had intimate interactions with everyone who touched our food, from the multiple chefs who worked on each dish to the various knowledgable and charming servers throughout the whole evening. The courses were memorable (hello lemon meringue rubber duckie filled with foie gras ice cream!) and plate-licking.

Thai X-ing (Florida Ave location)– So I like ethnic food. And I like casual settings with BYOB. And I like using restaurant bathrooms with a shower curtain. Because I’m pretty sure this is someone’s house (actually it is) and you’re going to use their private bathroom. This joint is as authentic as it gets. Straight up home cooked thai food. Pre fixe dinner with 5 or so courses. The pumpkin curry will knock your socks off- it’s unexpectedly packed with flavor and the texture is delightful. The sticky rice and mango- by far the best rendition of this classic thai dessert that I’ve ever had. Go on a Sunday- it’s their vegetarian, and therefore, slightly less expensive night. You won’t miss the meat. I promise. DISCLOSURE- I haven’t been in over two years (though I hope that still speaks to how much I love their food) but I can’t say for sure that the quality is still as top-notch as it was when it was less known. I’ll just hope for the best.