On KitchKat Staying Fit

August 08, 2015 03:44 PM
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Being that I’m around food all day, it’s important that I mix in a good amount of exercise to balance my frequent gnoshing.  I’ll be honest though, I don’t always have the time or energy to get a rigorous workout in– and that’s okay, because I add in other healthy habits to help pick up the slack. Here they are:

Low Carb:  Low carb does not mean NO CARB. I definitely eat carbs.  You know, like whole grains, whole vegetables and fruits, beans and legumes, nuts, seeds and rolled oats. They give you energy, tons of nutrients, fiber and help stabilize your blood sugar levels.  I try to have one small portion of healthy grains per day and that’s it.  BUT I’m no saint and sometimes I eat the bad carbs. That leads me into my next habit.

Binge Day: Okay, more like, binge weekend.  I try to eat healthy during the week and on the weekends, I splurge a bit and eat foods that I really like (read, food with bad carbs) such as PIZZA (my all time fave), fried food (it happens) and dessert.  To deprive yourself of ALL foods that you love ALL the time usually results in an inevitable binge anyway, so why not allow yourself some small joys in life. If you can plan for it, you may not binge to the point of a guilt-hangover right after.  Plus, when I know that I get to treat myself on the weekends it motivates me more during the week to stick to my healthy routine… and to exercise.

Workouts:  I am not the type of person who can workout by myself.  I need to be in a group setting.  This is something you should know about yourself.  When I was a member of Crunch Fitness, I stuck to a routine of the same classes each week and got in an awesome workout at least three times a week. THEN I moved… Away from my beloved gym… and I was back to my own devices.  So I started working out with my husband in our basement.  This leads me to my next habit.

Early Workouts: My husband is a morning person. I am not. The idea of working out at 6am is tough but since he does it I do it too- because the alternative would be me working out by myself and I already know that I’m less likely to do that if I’m on my own. The thing about working out early though is that once it’s done, you don’t have the “workout guilt” hanging over you for the rest of the day.  You don’t have to dread getting in that work out after a long day come 6pm.  Getting your workout out of the way first thing in the morning not only gives you more energy throughout the day but it kick starts your metabolism.

YouTube:  Surprised by this one? You shouldn’t be. With endless videos out there, my husband and I tapped into the world of YouTube fitness channels and feel the burn. Our favorites: anything from Jillian Michaels but especially her 6 weeks Abs and Shred videos, GymRa (do anything with Christine Currie) and Fitness Blender. Fitness Blender is a wife and husband team (hmm, maybe us one day) and they have hundreds and hundreds of videos of strength-training, HIIT, cardio and pilates.