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On KitchKat Staying Fit

August 08, 2015 03:44 PM
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Being that I’m around food all day, it’s important that I mix in a good amount of exercise to balance my frequent gnoshing.  I’ll be honest though, I don’t always have the time or energy to get a rigorous workout in– and that’s okay, because I add in other healthy habits to help pick up […]

Five Favorite Summer Recipes

August 08, 2015 08:25 AM
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Here’s a list of tried and true summer recipes that I love. Of course, I do like to still make these even in the colder months, but I find the most pleasure eating these when I’m outside on my backyard deck listening to 60’s music or classic rock. Husk’s Pimento Cheese– From my days down […]

My Five Favorite Books of All Time

August 08, 2015 08:16 AM
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1) Outlander Series- You will forever look at red-headed men differently. Historical fiction is just a bonus for this steamy love story. Or is it the other way around? Did I mention that Starz has made a series of the first book? 2) Jane Eyre- An empowering and enlightening novel every woman should read. So […]